Sexual energy – what is it?


“All that is alive the mind goes on condemning and all that is dead the mind goes on worshipping. And sex is the most alive thing in you because life comes through it: you are born through it, you can give birth through it. Wherever there is life, aliveness, sex is the source.”

Osho’s statement is really quite powerful. Sex is the source of life and aliveness. Think of a buzzing dynamic office, full of creative people. The energy is strong and it’s expressed in all sorts of ways. What you experience with every new idea is a birth, the ultimate manifestation of sexual energy. We die and birth in every moment of the day; we shed millions of cells and replace them. And in our thoughts, we evolve as we open to new ideas and relinquish old ones. Sexual energy is everywhere and yet we tend to be stuck with the idea that it’s just about the physical interaction with another person.

And that’s the problem. It actually consists of so many facets, and because we are fettered in this ancient mindset, we suppress or deny those myriad aspects of sexual energy, without even seeing other possibilities. For someone who has withdrawn for some reason, and stays in their home for a number of years, they live limited lives whilst thinking they are having a complete experience; when they emerge, they realise so many of the things they have missed – walking amongst trees, swimming in the ocean, breathing different natural aromas, admiring a piece of art, recognising the humanity in a person just across the street – these are all ways in which we get to live an inspired expansive life. Feeling sexual energy is a bodily experience with the involvement of all our senses … it’s the cause of the expansion, and the creative force. It’s invisible and it’s what flows when that expansion shows as arousal, as curiosity, as excitement, and of course as desire. Sexual energy is the thing that drives you.

When sexual energy is repressed, there is violence, anger, little creativity and the energy expresses itself in dysfunctional ways. Unsurprisingly, societies that suppress sexual energy seem to be the most violent.

And so what might it be like in the C-Suite if the people who make the key decisions in an organisation could allow their sexual energy to flow? Remember this is not about having sex and it’s everything about being so embodied that creative energy can really flow, and all our suppressed biases, judgments and projections don’t get in the way. How much more effective would we all be?

There is an opportunity for us all to acknowledge and see the breadth of sexual energy, and in allowing it to flow freely we can arrive at the fullest expression of life.