The Future Leader is the Sexually Empowered Leader


Considering the recent harrowing events taking place in Hollywood, it got us thinking about the abuse of power and trust all around us. It cannot be denied that this type of misconduct – sexual harassment, intimidation, general bullying at its core – is rife and at boiling point. Nor is it exclusive to the entertainment industry and sadly infiltrates every aspect of our society.

From the boardroom – to the bedroom, the nature of power is a controversial issue, one that requires the world to wake up and start making changes. Gender inequality is rife and we see its effects daily. Some of the world’s greatest social, political and economic issues are entrenched in male and female discrimination. In the workplace, women are still earning less than men and are less likely to find themselves in senior positions. These gender gaps in business, money, and productivity continues at all levels of professional development, despite the many policies implemented to eradicate them.

The Life Force

Sex is one of the greatest motivational forces in life. Our sexual instincts govern much of what we do, from how we act to the choices that we make; but if not expressed with awareness, they can lead to great destruction. A lack of understanding of these forces coupled with years of societal suppression of their nature is often what perpetuates the cycle of bias and inequality. Many – if not most of us -experience this sexual dilemma whereby we become inactive in many areas of life. From our relationships to jobs to money, we repress traits that we deem fit for the other sex, out of fear of appearing “too soft” or “too aggressive”. The irony is that by striking a balance between our Masculine and Feminine energies, we empower ourselves and learn how to recognise and reach our greatest potential in all aspects of our life.

A Lesson for Leadership

When we are faced with a world where sexual harassment, power struggles, gender bias and inequality prevail, what we need most is the ability to lead from a space of clarity and acceptance of others. To call upon the full spectrum of one’s powers takes learning, perseverance and the desire to understand the self, better. In these technologically advanced, socially diverse and economically unnerving times, the leaders who embrace both the Feminine – nurturing, wild, receptive and the Masculine – logical, stable and assertive, will be most equipped to lead us into the future. Leadership starts at the top and great leaders understand their responsibility in creating a culture of wellness. If we are going to build organisations that provide the basis for fair and equal treatment of both genders in a way that is conducive to self-expression and equal opportunity, we need leadership to be at the forefront of this movement.

As influencers, change makers and entrepreneurs, what are you doing to create a more gender-balanced workforce?