CEO, Thom Dennis and his team are directly addressing organisations who want to be better; who believe in a proactiveness, not a reactiveness; and who are willing to own their own power and let go of societal expectations that drive misconduct and ego-based decisions.

Serenity in Leadership is a learning and leading platform, where people in positions of power have the opportunity to gain greater awareness of themselves in order to lead a more equitable business and future.

In our experience, what is left unsaid is more revealing than what is outspoken. The ability to listen with not only our ears, but our eyes too, is what enables us to connect, understand and communicate effectively with people.
Taking decisions, evaluating risks, encouraging creativity, challenging the accepted – it takes courage to venture into the unknown and that is where the rewards lie.
Problem-solving should take place where the solution is needed—closest to the job. We don’t believe in a chain of command and instead, are inclusive of all concerns, ideas and questions that are addressed in real-time.
We believe you can only successfully change a culture when you truly understand its roots
and have fully explored the consequences of the intended change. This is the core principle our systemic approach builds upon.
We seek to model best practice so that others in turn do the same. Excellence is only achieved by upholding our commitments and building a foundation of trust in all our relationships.
Thom Dennis
CEO & Founder
Thom Dennis
Thom’s life has been deeply enriched with contrasts. His schooldays were harsh and formative and these experiences have shaped both his sensibility towards the contradistinction between Right and Justice, as well as the abuse of power and trust. As a Royal Marines officer, Thom had many experiences that have influenced the way in which he views leadership and power.

His focus today is on empowering change in people and in businesses through facilitation of dialogue in the context of gender and power. His methods, developed over the last 30 years, enables those with whom he works to release their full potential in an holistic way.
  • MSc in Change Agent Skills & Strategies
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Reiki Master
  • Family & Organisational Systems Constellator
  • Founder & CEO – Phoenix Obsidian
  • Clients have included: Roche, AstraZeneca, Citigroup and Givenchy
Just because you believe passionately in something, it doesn’t mean you’re right.
Jessica Ball
Lead Faculty
Jessica Ball
Jessica’s focus is creating spaces that facilitate transformational change through experiential learning using dialogue, creativity and insight. Her methods are grounded in communication that creates connection and understanding, utilising dialogue, non-violent communication and mindfulness techniques.

Her work aims to provide a creative and engaging space for participants to create meaning in their lives by better understanding themselves and improving their relationships with others and the world around them. She is dedicated to working towards positive social and environmental change through transformational learning.
  • Dialogue and Change Management Training
  • Non-Violent Communication Foundation Training
  • LEGO Serious Play certified facilitator
  • Founder – Creating Meaning
  • Clients have included: UAL, Cumberland Lodge and UK Values Alliance
How can we separate the things we really feel, from the things we tell ourselves to feel better?
Petek Sketcher
Creative Director
Petek Sketcher
Petek grew up in a culturally “curious” and worldly family. With a quirky sense of humour and an enviable spontaneity about them, it saw her moving houses and changing schools many times as a young girl. Over the years she has learnt to embrace new situations with ease and welcomes such challenges.

Her father’s adventure stories and travel photography had a huge influence on her as did her mother’s devoted encouragement of her creativity. Petek is an accomplished Creative Director and has produced and directed visual content worldwide on behalf of Monocle Magazine and Winkreative, an internationally renowned branding agency in London, where Petek was the Head Art Buyer for 5 years. Working with Thom to bring Serenity in Leadership’s brand to life has given her a wider vision of what is possible - from a global and collective point of view on societies.
  • Former Head Art Buyer of Winkreative, London
  • Nominator to the Prix Pictet Photography Award
  • Nominator to the Kyoto Prize International Award
  • Founder of contemporary art consultancy
  • Clients include: Fallon, FCB Inferno, Adam & Eve DDB, AMV BBDO, BBC, Esquire, Vogue, Monocle, Pictet & Cie
Always be honest and true to yourself. Never compare yourself to others, only draw inspiration from what you admire in them.
Tom Hatton
Tom Hatton
Tom’s early life was shaped by a commanding grandfather who exercised much influence in motivating the local community in Ireland to become independent growers of local produce. This spirit of “Together we can achieve more” has ever since left an impression on Tom and the way he works with people, which he often combines with a sense of adventure.

Tom is an avid sportsman, who in his 20’s built a substantial hospitality business, and after achieving his MSc in Business Development & Innovation went on to establish a successful consultancy in Germany in 2007. He is passionate about about ethical and conscientious application in leadership.
  • Diploma in Leadership and Executive Coaching
  • MSc Business Development and Innovation
  • Programme Coach, Newfield Network
  • Founder – Hatton Concepts, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Clients have included: Roche
We define who we are by the way we are in relationship: it's about nurturing our own internal living relationship followed by our relationship with the universe.
What impressed me was you never backed away from the direct and more importantly indirect/unspoken challenges thrown at you. You demonstrated so openly how to take that behaviour on without being insulting.

That’s when I knew I was watching and learning from a master ... you’re really good Thom. You’re a pleasure to work with — thank you.
CATHY CARNEY Vice President - Human Resources

I definitely got something worthwhile out of every exercise. It felt good to get out of my comfort zone and to claim my personal space and I succeeded in doing that. Part of this is that the group was wonderful. Puja helped create an atmosphere of safety where you could be yourself and show your vulnerability.

That safety is very important. It has meant a number of things: Opening up, feeling my inner strength, meeting people I share values with. If you want to find more enjoyment, more openness, authenticity and intimacy I highly recommend participating.
Jenni is in my view one of the few senior teachers in the world of Tantra who has both personal integrity and respect for her students wherever they are in life. Her teaching is inspired with her very balanced view of the wide and divergent interpretations of Tantra. She has an amazing capacity to train students within safe boundaries and informed consent, whilst challenging and encouraging them to explore their own personal edge.