These sessions about current events and their impact on businesses are open to everyone to join in a facilitated dialogue, which is a form of exchange of ideas and experiences through which we create a new level of meaning.

“Dialogue is of fundamental relevance for transforming culture and freeing it of destructive misinformation, so that creativity can be liberated.”
David Bohm

Listening and sharing

Serenity in Leadership’s Thom Dennis, is working with colleagues Jessica Ball and Andro Donovan amongst others, to address conflict fermenting in organisations, businesses and in society more generally. Guest speakers also occasionally take part in these facilitated dialogues.

These events have been inspired by the development of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. Our approach to gender reconciliation and cultural transformation is backed by research and motivated by our determination to support a global movement of the different generations that are responding in their own way to sexual harassment and the abuse of power. We bring a cross-section of people together to listen to each others’ thoughts and concerns around this controversial subject with the aim of creating greater understanding, meaning and possible solutions. In openly sharing experiences, our groups develop empathy for one another and take valuable work practices back to their own lives and their businesses.

View and download our illustrated Dialogue Murals here.

  • Is there a good mix of men and women in positions of influence?
  • How do they exercise their power?
  • What is the quality of relationships?
  • How are the dynamics of sexual energy played out in the workplace?
  • Is there enough safety for transgressions to be reported?
  • If one person feels a genuine romantic attraction for another, do they know how to handle it in the wake of #MeToo?
  • How do those in positions of responsibility manage these situations?
    Is everyone held accountable for their actions?
22nd May

Devonshire Square, London

Open Dialogue

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23rd May

Old Street, London

Open Dialogue

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14th Jun

The Library Club
112 St. Martin’s Lane, London WC2

Open Dialogue

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28th Jun

The Trampery Republic
Anchorage House, 2 Clove Crescent, London E14

Talk followed by a Q&A

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