We have designed a unique self-exploratory programme for men and women who know that in a demanding world there are superior ways to stay connected to their intuition, who want to tap into the essence of what makes us profoundly human, and harness an in-depth power that speaks the truth from their hearts.

The Serenity Retreat is a 5-day radical advanced leadership retreat for Changemakers and Truthseekers, on a whole new experiential level. It is intense and thought provoking and challenges you to face yourself at great depths.

Cultivating and ultimately transforming your sexual energy into a consciously harnessed creative force enables you to ignite and positively influence your world and all those around you.
Through our vast experience, we craft a unique and safe environment in which we guide you deeply to explore yourself, enabling you to connect with your very core and reveal personal truths of a universal nature.

Step beyond your ego, drop your “work” mask, and we will take you on a journey to rest in the inner wisdom of your Heart and your Gut.
Access and express both your Masculine and Feminine qualities appropriately and impeccably.

As a positively balanced and empowered leader you will be able to shape the future with greater ease, clarity and integrity.


This transformational programme has three aims:

  • First to put you in touch with your core sense of knowing
  • Second to help you cultivate and integrate your masculine and feminine energies—your inner Goddess and Gladiator
  • Third, to give you an experience of harnessing your sexual energy, the creative life force.

We invite you to engage and truly benefit from this experience, which is held in delightful surroundings and a digital-free environment.

Attendance at the retreats is gender balanced. Couples who wish to attend are welcome.

  • You learn to remain steady amidst radical and unpredictable situations or provocation whilst feeling more empowered and in tune with yourself.
  • You acquire skills to assist you in leading from a place of serenity and compassion.
  • You are shown how to call upon the full spectrum of your abilities, by accessing the deep power and wisdom of your Masculine and Feminine.
  • You are guided into an effective way to ‘fast track’ your own power, having had a glimpse of your true potential and unique gifts.
  • You explore your playfulness and capacity to enjoy yourself in any given set of circumstances—for where there is no joy there is no creativity.
  • You connect deeply to a place in which you can rest—a place of being, of originality and innovation, from where effortless knowing and flow states can emerge.

This retreat is not about how to run a business. It’s about how to be when running a successful business and to show up as your full self.

Sexual energy is a source of great power. Misused, it creates abuse or dysfunction; well used it creates a supercharged highway for transformation of all aspects of your life.

Serenity in Leadership consciously explores this energy, revealing personal truths to you of a universal nature.


To find all the information regarding The Serenity Retreat, download the brochure

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The next Serenity Retreat dates will be announced here soon.

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We have chosen Chateauform La Arena. A beautiful classic country manor house located outside of Madrid, near the marvellous Sierra de Guadarrama National Park. It offers exquisite cuisine and provides a stylish and cosy environment for introspective seminars in complete tranquillity.
Chateauform La Arena, Carretera N-VI, km 86, 40145 Munopedro, Segovia, Spain


The programme fee of € 6.987,00 includes:

  • Expert tuition by 7 mentors
  • Course materials
  • Writing and journalling stationery
  • Luxury accommodation
  • All meals and refreshments

The fee does not include travel to and from the venue or any individual on-going coaching requirements.

As there are limited spaces available on the retreat, please note that reservations are accepted on a first come first serve basis and the full fee is payable upon booking.

Please contact us if you have any questions or require any additional information.

“What impressed me was you never backed away from the direct and more importantly indirect/unspoken challenges thrown at you. You demonstrated so openly how to take that behaviour on without being insulting. That’s when I knew I was watching and learning from a master … you’re really good Thom. You’re a pleasure to work with—thank you.”

Vice President – Human Resources

“The experience of coaching far exceeded my initial expectations of potentially improving my operational performance. It enabled a sense of peace and relaxation with my work that I had never experienced before and thus greater personal performance.”

Senior Manager – Global Computer Corporation

“We operate in many different countries around the world – each with a unique culture. It was crucial that our own culture was strong enough to adapt to local differences without losing our corporate identity. After listening to our goals, Thom and his team drew on their extensive experience of working with people from across the globe to devise and implement a change programme that means today the whole company speaks with one voice – regardless of our accent.”

Head of Strategic Planning – Global Energy Company