Mastering Power is a development process in which frank and open exploration takes place in a safe environment; it enables leadership teams to explore the dynamics of power, gender, unconscious beliefs and communication that are being played out.


Every organisation starts with an objective. This guiding aspiration is affected by expressions of power from within. The roots of that power are often unconscious: Why are some individuals advanced before others? Why have two particular departments merged at this juncture? Am I favoured as a man or as a woman? What is my role in, and ow do I influence, a predominantly male or female team? What are the unconscious biases at work?

When individuals are focused on ‘watching their backs’, managing the passage of information or being careful who not to offend, they are expending energy which is wasteful and often negative in its outcomes. On the other hand, when everyone feels safe enough to express themselves fully and authentically, the doors to creative conflict and challenge are opened. This generates the opportunity for optimal performance.

The successful companies of the future will be those that have freed themselves of ego-driven forces. They will truly value relationships and learning, will be sensitive to ‘faint signals’ and will have ways of recognising and releasing the very best in each person.


‘Aristotle’ the Google’s project, showed that the best teams exhibit a range of soft skills, and topping the list by far was safety.

Seven top characteristics of team success are all soft skills.

40% of employees admitted to having a romantic relationship with a coworker.

70% of employees who spoke out against workplace mistreatment faced some form of retaliation.

30% of workers who had experienced harassment made a formal complaint to a supervisor, manager or union representative.

Eleven sexual assaults per hour in the UK

82% of employees see their leaders as fundamentally uninspiring (Gallup 2016 survey)

Forbes found that 65% of employees would forego a pay rise if it meant seeing their leader fired 

Human leadership and intrinsic motivation leads to employees being 32% more committed with a 16% increase in performance


We start with an in-depth and frank exploration of the culture of the company, and then jointly create a plan for transformation. The aim is to create a kinder, more understanding, more innovative and equitable environment. We begin working with leadership because what they believe and how they behave are modelled throughout the organisation. The result is a united team of motivated people who engage with each other with complete authenticity and whose style of working generates frequent flow states.

Our in-house workshops are designed to accommodate the busy daily schedules of senior managers. They are followed up at convenient intervals to ensure that changes are being implemented and cultivated over the long term.

When a company engages with Mastering Power they commit to a fully transformational process. Together, we delve into operations, relationships, communications and the quality of office environments. We help team members adopt a more informed, perceptive and open approach to both their colleagues and future business practices.

  • Is there a good mix of men and women in positions of influence?
  • How do they exercise their power?
  • What is the quality of relationships?
  • How are the dynamics between men and women played out in the workplace?
  • Is there enough safety for transgressions to be reported?
  • If one person feels a genuine romantic attraction to another, do they know how to handle it in the wake of #MeToo?
  • How do those in positions of responsibility manage these situations? Is everyone held accountable for their actions?
Beyond Gender

The concept behind Serenity in Leadership is that we as humans, can exist beyond the conservative trappings of our gender stereotypes. We believe that only in embracing both the masculine and feminine traits that exist in tandem within us all, can we engage in a frank and honest way.

Engaging in mature dialogues will move us closer to appreciating each other’s unique attributes as people rather than: man, or woman.

“What impressed me was you never backed away from the direct and more importantly indirect/unspoken challenges thrown at you. You demonstrated so openly how to take that behaviour on without being insulting.

That’s when I knew I was watching and learning from a master … you’re really good Thom. You’re a pleasure to work with—thank you.”

Vice President – Human Resources

“The frankness, honesty and informality you encourage during the sessions has made them something from which I have drawn great strength during a difficult time.

I have learnt techniques and practical skills that have helped me to maintain a clear head throughout a very difficult time of change, and keep my staff motivated and happy.”

Customer Services Manager – Printing Company

“We operate in many different countries around the world – each with a unique culture. It was crucial that our own culture was strong enough to adapt to local differences without losing our corporate identity. After listening to our goals, Thom and his team drew on their extensive experience of working with people from across the globe to devise and implement a change programme that means today the whole company speaks with one voice – regardless of our accent.”

Head of Strategic Planning – Global Energy Company

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