Leading today can be likened to rafting down a great wild river of rushing water and negotiating the rapids of change. In order to do this successfully, leaders have to make split-second decisions which are rooted not in their mind but through an intimate connection between their gut and their heart. This is an art, not an ego-based strategy for survival.

When you are in the rapids, you have to be in the flow and allowing; you have to listen to your inner voice of wisdom, to feel when to make adjustments so that you move with the energy and you take it all the way to where it needs to go. It’s a journey of trust and collaboration which excites and has an unknown outcome.

In order to have that level of trust you have to feel secure and that can only happen when you are rooted in your sexuality and able to channel your sexual (life force) energy. Being able to use the potency of your sexual energy, is also being able to be abundant and to avoid making key decisions from a place of fear of scarcity or loss.
Sexual energy only flows and gives you its gifts when you are fully at home in your body, aware and connected. Most people are unaware of parts of their body and so less flow can take place. In this case, your inner wisdom has no chance to be heard because its voice is blocked by the noise of conditioning and old patterns. Someone who is fully embodied exudes an energy that is magnetic, inspirational and encourages trust.
We're not who we think we are - we are so much more. We have ideas about who we are - self-representations - that are created as we grow. A process of disidentification, seeing through the delusions allows us to see ourselves for who we truly are in essence, not merely the shells that we created in response to our parents, teachers and other significant sources of influence. Disidentification enables us to go beyond our ego-constructed identity and opens the space for us to rest in ourselves.
We need to arrive in and inhabit the full spectrum of our essence of being a man or being a woman - this essence wants to be fully expressed. Everything comes to life through the grace of polarity which comes in many guises. We all have elements of each and they appear as the Masculine and Feminine, the Yang and Ying, Shiva and Shakti, space and form, conception and birthing, consciousness and expression. When we honour and celebrate the difference, we mature both sides of each of these aspects in ourselves. Thus we can come to deep completeness, and use these qualities within and without, for ourselves and in unison with the world around us.
So many of us have been brought up to believe that being vulnerable is a measure of ‘weakness’ and therefore to be avoided at all costs. It’s a belief that leads to defensiveness, closes down options, and is rooted in fear. In truth, being vulnerable is an indicator of openness, and willingness to learn and be open to new possibilities. At its heart, true power comes from our ability to be authentically vulnerable. This is a dilemma for many leaders today. Can we really claim deeper respect if we reveal more of ourselves to our teams? During SiL we give you a chance to explore this space in the safety of a group of like-minded souls.
Thom Dennis
CEO & Founder
Thom Dennis
Thom’s life has been deeply enriched with contrasts. His schooldays were harsh and formative and these experiences have shaped both his sensibility towards the contradistinction between Right and Justice, as well as the abuse of power and trust. As a Royal Marines officer, Thom had many experiences that have influenced the way in which he views leadership and power.

His focus today is on empowering change in people and in businesses through facilitation of dialogue in the context of gender and power. His methods, developed over the last 30 years, enables those with whom he works to release their full potential in an holistic way.

His uniquely personal and warm-hearted approach has been embraced by many of the world’s top companies as they have explored how to change their cultures. He is passionate about helping men and women come together to access their mature masculine and feminine because he believes these are the traits of the successful leaders of the future.

Being grounded very firmly in the here and now helps maintain his inner peace. He holds himself responsible to set an example in society: his ideals drive him and are indeed the values he strives to help those with whom he works closely, find for themselves.
  • MSc in Change Agent Skills & Strategies
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Reiki Master
  • Family & Organisational Systems Constellator
  • Founder & CEO – Phoenix Obsidian
  • Clients have included: Roche, AstraZeneca, Citigroup and Givenchy
Just because you believe passionately in something, it doesn’t mean you’re right.
Lead Faculty
Puja Ma
Puja (Sandra Pijl) grew up in Holland amidst a big hearted and socially engaged family. Following where authenticity led her, she worked in numerous fields, amongst which was starting a beauty business at 20.

As a “socialpreneur” she initiated and co-created various projects, such as an innovative way to reconnect imprisoned mothers with their children and set up a city supported project empowering people experiencing social setback.

She worked as a holistic psychotherapist and created business hubs connecting entrepreneurs with the corporate world whilst simultaneously coaching both individuals and organisations to develop their identity, authenticity and vitality.

Since 1997 Puja has followed her purpose as a Tantric and became a specialised International Tantra teacher to men and women in the art of embodied presence and sexual empowerment. One of her specialties is working with masculine and feminine dynamics.

With Serenity in Leadership she finally gets to bridge the worlds she is so passionate about - influencers taking responsibility for their own true power and leading with their hearts.

Puja has a sparkling and loving personality, and brings an open heart and great depth to her sessions. She sees each individual’s emotional perspective of their love life experiences, and believes them to contain immense energetic power that is mostly unexpressed.

Her mission is to help men and women access their Source Energy, connect with it and consciously become the embodiment of it in their lives.
  • Co-organiser of the 1st International Tantra Festival in Holland
  • Founder of the Tantric Temple Party
  • Clients have included: Police Academy & Department Friesland, General Medical Practitioners’ Association NHG, De Baak, NS Railway Management  and Humanitas
It is the most priceless touching moment, when I have safely guided someone to a place where they can ‘fully drop into their body’.
Jenni Joy
Lead Faculty
Jenni Joy
Jenni’s passion lies in leading through love, teaching through experiences and the tender supporta she gives people to deepen and expand their connections through intimacy. She was brought up in a family that always provided encouragement to explore one’s curiosity and the wonder of life.

As a Tantra teacher with a background in business strategy and leadership development, she also teaches a tantric transformation programme at a female entrepreneurs retreat. “Exploring our sexuality and unlocking the capacity of our sexual energy, is for me the fast-track and most fulfilling path I have discovered to date. It requires a readiness in all aspects of our being, a sensitive awareness and a willingness to face our deepest fears and vulnerabilities.”

Jenni also runs a Tantra Massage Professional Training course, currently the only recognized course that allows certified practitioners to apply for insurance. She achieved the same for Somatic Sexology to be accepted as a legitimate profession for insurance purposes.

Her personality reflects her refreshing, vivacious energy that is infectious and uplifting, enabling a healing and positive transformation in those she works with.
  • Achieved UNESCO protection for Nigeria’s rainforests
  • Launched first charity Happy Meal for McDonald’s supporting the conservation of endangered animals
  • Led an EU health project which changed food labelling around the world
  • Board Member of the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists
  • Clients have included: BT, McDonalds, Hotpoint, Whitbread, Brit Awards and Verno
Conscious exploration of our sexual energy is the fast track path to personal transformation.
Tom Hatton
Tom Hatton
Tom experienced a traditional Catholic upbringing, in an entrepreneurially spirited Irish/Dutch family.

His early life was shaped by a commanding grandfather who exercised much influence in motivating the local community in Ireland to become independent growers of local produce.

This spirit of “Together we can achieve more” has ever since left an impression on Tom and the way he works with people, which he often combines with a sense of adventure.

Tom is a passionate sportsman, who in his 20’s built a substantial hospitality business, and after achieving his MSc in Business Development & Innovation went on to establish a successful consultancy in Germany in 2007.

“I believe that quality social exchanges have an amazing impact on culture and growth, and in contrast to this, oppression creates unhealthy subcultures”.

Elevating the human spirit is what he feels leads to a deeper and more meaningful interaction with others and the expression of one’s purpose in life.

Tom deeply cares about ethical and conscientious application in leadership. Acting with relevance whilst connecting and nurturing our inner world, in order to achieve our greatest dreams.
  • Diploma in Leadership and Executive Coaching
  • MSc Business Development and Innovation
  • Programme Coach, Newfield Network
  • Founder – Hatton Concepts, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Clients have included: Roche
We define who we are by the way we are in relationship”: it's about nurturing our own internal living relationship followed by our relationship with the universe.
Clara Gomez Santos
Clara Gomez Santos
From the age of 8, Clara’s mother would take her to ashrams and this sowed the seeds of a deep spiritual awareness. Before stepping fully into the world of Tantra, Clara, born in Santander, built a successful career as a sought-after fashion illustrator and teacher.

Through dedicated inner work, she is establishing a harmonious and fulfilling expression of her heart’s truth. She influences the lives of many people by living her core values of radical self-reliance and self-love. Clara is fiercely independent and possesses an innate desire to stay connected to Nature and wildness.

She has guided large groups of people through seminars on Self-Pleasuring and Mindfulness - facilitating intuitive, experimental journeys of embodied meditations. She helps both men and women work through and heal their relationships with themselves and with others. Clara explores this through conscious open relating whilst upholding a gentle sense of integrity.
“I encourage my students to connect honestly with themselves and others, in such a way that it allows authenticity and deep love to grow, bringing more meaning to their lives”.

Through her courage, vulnerability and being unashamedly expressive, she is able to inspire real joy and openness in people.
  • Diane von Furstenberg
  • London Fashion Week
  • Robbie Williams
  • Nike
I feel, therefore I exist
Lenerd Louw
Lenerd Louw
Lenerd grew up in South Africa in an open-minded environment at home that taught him to respect all humans, irrespective of their differences, physical or political. After university he did compulsory military service under Apartheid and found himself challenged to defend a system he did not believe in. Being outspoken about freedom and standing up for human rights often brought him into direct conflict with his peers and conservative authorities and this made him ever more determined to speak his truth. His experiences have shown him the importance of balancing the masculine with a gentler energy to truly enhance relationships.

At the age of 28 he went to the UK for 5 years where, as part of a small group of driven individuals, they launched what is today The Budget Insurance Group. Returning to South Africa he was responsible for the marketing & advertising of a large insurance group and he launched many brands including the first short term insurance brand for women.

He was the CEO of two direct life insurance companies that he launched and developed into great successes but something inside him shifted.

Four years ago he found the courage to walk away from the high-powered insurance world and started his inner journey to find his truth - “I stripped my life of all my possessions, put what I needed in a backpack and with a one-way ticket to Lima in South America, my worldwide learning and awakening started!” He has so far covered five continents and over 30 countries attending workshops, studying, reading and experiencing all he can find in the spiritual/conscious space. His journey continues …
  • Bachelors Degree in Commerce majoring in Law and Economics
  • Post graduate law degree (LLB)
  • Advocate (Barrister) of Supreme Court of South Africa
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration
  • Marketing Director then Strategic Innovations Director of Telesure Group, South Africa
  • CEO of 1 Lifedirect insurance company, South Africa
  • CEO of Frank.net insurance company
To find one’s highest truth, determined through a deep inner enquiry; irrespective of conditioning, society, reputation, security or anything & having the courage and conviction to follow that – This, I believe is true freedom.
Karlijn Kabira
Karlijn Kabira
Karlijn grew up in a small, peaceful community village in a loving and humorous family. From an early age she learned that it was important to contribute to the community she was part of and be supportive of others. Her strong values are compassion, curiosity, openness, honesty, self-expression and authenticity. Through living these, she learnt valuable lessons on taking ownership of her life, her decisions and well-being but most importantly to see the humour in everything.

Living in (post) conflict countries, Africa and the Middle-East, Karlijn became passionate about international peace building. She wanted to make a change in the world by bringing people together through encouraging openness and honesty while guiding them to peace and acceptance.

By the age of 30, she had established a global personal development organization which was represented on 3 continents. She had also facilitated international corporate change projects including working with refugees in Jordan and with township children in Africa.

Like so many conscious creators, Karlijn's greatest reward was leaving behind a corporate career and lifestyle and following her truth. Manifesting and leading personal change are so important to her – being able to step into the unknown, trusting her flow, intuition and purpose completely.

A great sense of satisfaction for Karlijn is witnessing, through her gentle support & facilitation, delegates at her retreats and workshops ‘open-up’ when individuals move from their comfort zone and delight in their own true beauty!
  • Deloitte
  • Dutch Royal Airforce
I believe that being complete within and sharing that with others is bound to create unified peace!
Petek Sketcher
Creative Director
Petek Sketcher
Petek grew up in a culturally “curious” and worldly family. With a quirky sense of humour and an enviable spontaneity about them, it saw her moving houses and changing schools many times as a young girl.

Over the years she has learnt to embrace new situations with ease and welcomes such challenges...

Her father’s adventure stories and travel photography had a huge influence on her as did her mother’s devoted encouragement of her creativity. Petek is an accomplished Photo Director and has produced and directed visual content worldwide on behalf of Monocle Magazine and Winkreative, an internationally renowned branding agency in London, where Petek was the Head Art Buyer for 5 years.

Working so closely with Thom on all aspects of bringing Serenity in Leadership to life has given her a wider vision of what is possible - from a global and collective point of view on societies.

"It is hugely inspiring to be a part of a movement that is positively influencing thought leadership, business structures and managerial styles in such profound ways, and I see this really shaking up educational institutions too - it's about time they get unstuck and get with the times."

She believes fundamentally that when we consciously let go of tension and negative energy and start creating with a heightened sense of awareness, we all have the power to influence and change relationships as well as cultural values for the better, in the most wondrous of ways.
  • Former Head Art Buyer of Winkreative, London
  • Nominator to the Prix Pictet Photography Award
  • Nominator to the Kyoto Prize International Award
  • Devised a creative workshop for teenage graphic designers at a South African NGO
  • Founder of contemporary art consultancy Kolekta.co.uk
  • Clients include: Fallon, FCB Inferno, Adam & Eve DDB, AMV BBDO, BBC, Esquire, Vogue, Monocle, Pictet & Cie.
Always be honest and true to yourself. Never compare yourself to others, only draw inspiration from what you admire in them.
What impressed me was you never backed away from the direct and more importantly indirect/unspoken challenges thrown at you. You demonstrated so openly how to take that behaviour on without being insulting.

That’s when I knew I was watching and learning from a master ... you’re really good Thom. You’re a pleasure to work with — thank you.
CATHY CARNEY Vice President - Human Resources

I definitely got something worthwhile out of every exercise. It felt good to get out of my comfort zone and to claim my personal space and I succeeded in doing that. Part of this is that the group was wonderful. Puja helped create an atmosphere of safety where you could be yourself and show your vulnerability.

That safety is very important. It has meant a number of things: Opening up, feeling my inner strength, meeting people I share values with. If you want to find more enjoyment, more openness, authenticity and intimacy I highly recommend participating.
Jenni is in my view one of the few senior teachers in the world of Tantra who has both personal integrity and respect for her students wherever they are in life. Her teaching is inspired with her very balanced view of the wide and divergent interpretations of Tantra. She has an amazing capacity to train students within safe boundaries and informed consent, whilst challenging and encouraging them to explore their own personal edge.