As culture change consultants, we have been transforming organisational cultures for the last 26 years.


Serenity in Leadership has an unrivalled ability to look systemically at an organisation. We look ‘under carpets’ and ‘behind the wallpaper’ to analyse what’s working and what isn’t in a workplace and then actively help orchestrate positive change.

We proves that diversity, equity and inclusion are central to helping businesses and employees thrive.

Thom Dennis

Thom is a facilitator, speaker, consultant, change agent and educator.

For the last 30 years, he has led companies dedicated to bringing out the best in people through coaching and training and increasing self-awareness, defining strategy, working through M&As and improving communication.

Edward Nelson
Associate Facilitator

Trained in Law and Acting.

Edward spent the first part of his career serving highly diverse communities in the charity sector (Greenpeace, WWF & several Mediation Services) creating processes to bring people together and training them in conflict resolution.

Jim Peal
Associate Facilitator

Jim’s areas of expertise includes the development of leaders, their teams and diversity and inclusion.

His reputation as a powerful natural master communicator who is dynamic, multi-talented, fun and inspiring is the trademark of his 20+ year career.

Jessica Ball
Lead Facilitator

Jessica is passionate about creating meaning, connection and action from a foundation of shared values.

She works with creative facilitation processes, emotional sustainability theory, and communication skills to unlock new thinking and harness collective intelligence.

Naomi Glover
Applied Neuroscience Consultant

Naomi is a leadership, learning and development expert who uses applied neuroscience to augment workplace wellbeing, increase organisational trust and optimise brain health throughout life.

She has an MSc in Applied Neuroscience, is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts, a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health and  delivers talks, workshops and training for conferences and events internationally.

Ishreen Bradley
Associate Facilitator

Ishreen is a thought leader who guides professional leaders to navigate complex situations with clarity and confidence. Her focus is to cultivate mindsets and cultures that nurture a sense of belonging through authentic leadership.

Ishreen also provides thought-provoking talks, individual coaching and team facilitation as well as networking opportunities that facilitate her clients’ progress.

We have a deep level experience of teaching leadership skills and offers innovative, bespoke ways to help leaders finely develop new and appropriate skills for the future.
Yewande Faloyin
Executive Coach

Yewande is a leadership coach, consultant & speaker who specialises in helping organisations & business leaders accelerate to their next level of success.

Prior to founding her own company, she worked at McKinsey advising and coaching C-Suite clients at FTSE100 companies on critical management & organisational challenges.

G Turawa
Associate Facilitator

Gamal, or G as he prefers to be called, is a highly skilled and internationally acclaimed Gestalt facilitator and public speaker on Diversity and Inclusion.

He has been regularly interviewed on the BBC, ITV and other national media about the human side of diversity.

The Guardian have just made a BAFTA-nominated film on G

Tom Hatton
Senior Associate Consultant
Suhair Fakhoury
Executive Coach
We enable businesses align commercial objectives with showing their employees, customers and colleagues compassion and valuing accountability and responsibility.
Raggi Kotak
Racial Justice Facilitator
Hazel Scott
Head of PR & Marketing
‍Roxy Finlayson
Head of People
Laura Bradbury
Head of Social Media and Content Creation
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