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As a culture change consultancy, we've been helping companies change culture to perform better for over 20 years. We work closely with multinationals, as well as small and medium companies, across all business sectors.

Whether it’s an expansion overseas, a merger or some other organisational shift, change seems daunting to many, particularly to those not in charge of the planning. This is understandable as only 15% of company's successfully change their culture. The key to a successful transformation is creating a psychologically safe environment, where change is accepted as normal and healthy. Our Change Management and Consultancy Services encourage managers to recognise the need to change then help them engage with long-term goals whilst they still tackle day-to-day issues.

The Situation

Your company’s culture is made up of beliefs, behaviours, attitudes and assumptions, values and practices that come together as a mutually reinforcing system. Sometimes this system changes for the worse, and the result is a manifestation of negative behaviours and outcomes.

Because a culture is a complex system of many moving parts, there are many reasons for organisational change interventions. Perhaps you have noticed a dip in productivity and your bottom line is suffering. Perhaps engagement is low and your employees' morale is dipping.

The roots of unhealthy organisational cultures vary and often wear a disguise, for example, low productivity is not always a result of poor or no incentives and low engagement is not always a result of boredom. This is why having an external sounding board to diagnose and intervene is so important. Some reasons for implementing change interventions include:

  • Poor internal communication
  • A lack of shared values
  • Micromanagement
  • Discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • A lack of process and leadership
  • Silos at work
  • Unclear roles and responsibilities
  • Overworked employees
  • Unhealthy competition amongst peers

Whatever your change needs, we take you through a process of transformation by encouraging everyone from the CEO down, to discover different ways of thinking, behaving and achieving in order to honour the values and roots of the business and achieve sustainable results. 

How can we help?

Can you imagine a work culture where people love to come to work? They’re happy to be there because they’re learning, their contributions are valued, they feel totally included and above all they feel safe to express themselves and their creativity. 

Underneath our differences we all have basic needs to feel purpose, valued, included and possibly most important, that we belong. When these needs are met in an individual their potential becomes limitless and they can finally flourish. At Serenity in Leadership, we have seen this happen over and over again with multiple individuals within the organisations we have worked alongside. 

Our unique cultural change service is designed to bring about positive, permanent shifts in your workplace culture. These changes have been tried and proven to help a new kind of culture emerge which is built on shared values and practices.

“I brought Thom on board as a coach to help me integrate a French and UK management team. He was excellent at helping me understand the issues that I would face managing a multi-cultural team.”

Serenity in Leadership offers a practical methodology for producing breakthroughs - coming in with a bird’s eye view to drive culture change in an organisation to beyond what is often imaginable to those on the ground. Our ways of work are not based on just one model that we impose upon you, we understand that every company is unique, just like every individual. 

“Thom worked with me on a programme of activities, creating a unified vision and direction for the business that the management executives could buy-in to. The sessions were extremely well received and professionally done.”

At Serenity in Leadership we’ve had 30 years of experience coaching large and diverse teams. With differing aspirations ranging from communicating more effectively to going beyond their current levels of performance. Whatever your organisational needs, we will work with you to create and offer a bespoke service because we know that organisations thrive when people thrive. 

Key Benefits 

  • Encourages employee loyalty, retention and engagement
  • Improves productivity and profitability
  • Enables organisations to prepare for all contingencies
  • Increases focus on critical issues
  • Promotes a more effective and profitable operation
  • Creates the culture you want

We've partnered with InChorus to help you measure and resolve incidents of bias so that you can grow an inclusive organisation.

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