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As a culture change consultancy, we have helped companies change culture to perform better for almost thirty years. We work closely with multinationals, as well as small and medium companies across all business sectors.

What is a culture change consultant?

Most sociologists define culture as “A shared pattern of beliefs, values, assumptions and behaviours that distinguish one group from another”.  We most often associate ‘culture’ with a nationality or ethnicity, but it can be just as applicable to the beliefs and values shared across religious groups, professional cultures, generations, genders, sexuality orientations, functions, and so on.

It is not that every group is a ‘culture’ but any group that has a shared set of values that guide its thinking and behaviour can be considered a culture.

Company culture can be defined as the personality of an organization, or “The way we do things around here”. It is what characterises how people perceive a company's attitudes, values and beliefs, those taken for granted ways of thinking and behaving. It is what is ‘accepted and familiar’ to a particular group.

Creating a positive and healthy work culture improves all areas of business from finance, brand image, employee retention, processes, productivity and overall workplace atmosphere.

Our company's mission as culture consultants involves working with businesses to achieve their goals through creating their desired culture. Whether you are an organization needing a complete overhaul, going through a merger, overseas expansion, management or general company change, our consultants understand exactly how to ease transitions. We focus on getting all individuals and team members on board, removing potential fear or confusion surrounding a significant cultural shift.

How can a company change its culture?

As the culture of any company is deep-rooted (involving many facets) changing company culture requires a willingness from both the leadership team as well as employees to confront corporate change. There is an assumption that culture can improve simply through adding additional employee benefits or replacing managerial positions.

There is a reason why only 15% of corporate cultures change. Our expertise at Serenity in Leadership, means we understand how to navigate the steps needed to devise a new company culture strategy. Being external, we are able to assess from an outside perspective which will provide you with valuable insights. It is near impossible for a business to change its current culture internally, because behaviours and working patterns can become ingrained throughout an organization.

We understand that changing a corporate culture can be very daunting to many. We believe it is not something leaders can just expect employees to embrace. You cannot dictate optimism and demand compliance by setting a new mandate without adequate support.

The key to a successful transformation is creating a psychologically safe environment, where change is accepted as normal and healthy. Our Culture Consultancy Services encourage managers to recognise the need to change and then helps them engage with long-term goals whilst they still tackle day-to-day issues.

Our expertise in organizational culture change

At Serenity in Leadership, we have had 30 years of experience coaching large and diverse teams. Our CEO, Thom Dennis, is highly experienced in knowing how to create an effective approach that will bring about permanent organizational change. His experience includes transformational development workshops, communication skills training and change management initiatives. Thom's work extends to multiple sectors, such as luxury goods, banking, pharmaceutical, PR and energy. We have a team of accomplished facilitators, coaches and consultants ready to help you create a high-performance culture.

More than ever, employees feel strongly about the organizational health of the business they work for. To attract and retain the right talent, there is a need for companies to increase their diversity, inclusion, employee wellbeing and sustainability support. At present, we are experiencing a digital transformation with many now preferring to work from home. Let us help your company with these transitions to put your business on a positive path forward.

The Situation

Your company’s culture is made up of beliefs, behaviours, attitudes and assumptions, values and practices that come together as a mutually reinforcing system. Sometimes this system changes for the worse, and the result is a manifestation of negative behaviours and outcomes.

Because a culture is a complex system of many moving parts, there are many reasons for organization change interventions. Perhaps you have noticed a dip in productivity and your bottom line is suffering. Perhaps engagement is low and your employees' morale is dipping.

The roots of unhealthy organizational cultures vary and often wear a disguise. For example, low productivity is not always a result of poor or no incentives and low engagement is not always a result of boredom. This is why having an external sounding board to diagnose and intervene is so important. Some reasons for implementing change interventions include:

• Poor internal communication

• A lack of shared values

• Micromanagement

• Discrimination, harassment and bullying

• A lack of process and leadership

• Silos at work

• Unclear roles and responsibilities

• Overworked employees

• Unhealthy competition amongst peers

• Dwindling performance, clients and company innovation

Whatever your change needs, we take you through a process of transformation by encouraging everyone from the CEO down, to discover different ways of thinking, behaving and achieving in order to honour the values and roots of the business and achieve sustainable results. We conduct research such as employee focus groups, to give you the best insights on how people behave at your business and what strategy is needed to create a winning culture.

How we can help

Can you imagine a work culture where people love to come to work? They’re happy to be there because they’re learning, their contributions are valued, they feel totally included and above all they feel safe to express themselves and their creativity.

Underneath our differences we all have basic needs to feel purpose, valued, included and possibly most important, that we belong. When these needs are met in an individual their potential becomes limitless and they can finally flourish. At Serenity in Leadership, we have seen this happen over and over again with multiple individuals within the organisations we have worked alongside.

Our unique cultural change service is designed to bring about positive, permanent shifts in your workplace culture. These changes have been tried and proven to help a new culture emerge which is built on shared values and practices.

“I brought Thom on board as a coach to help me integrate a French and UK management team. He was excellent at helping me understand the issues that I would face managing a multi-cultural team.”

Serenity in Leadership offers a practical methodology for producing breakthroughs - coming in with a bird’s eye view to drive culture change in an organisation to beyond what is often imaginable to those on the ground. Our ways of work are not based on just one model that we impose upon you, we understand that every company is unique, just like every individual.

“Thom worked with me on a programme of activities, creating a unified vision and direction for the business that the management executives could buy-in to. The sessions were extremely well received and professionally done.”

With differing aspirations ranging from communicating more effectively to going beyond their current levels of performance. Whatever your organisational needs, we will work with you to create and offer a bespoke service because we know that organisations thrive when people thrive.

Key Benefits

• Encourages employee engagement, loyalty, retention

• Increases the opportunity to attract the best talent, giving you competitive advantage

• Improves productivity and profitability, leading to more clients and business success

• Develops better management practices

• Enables organisations to prepare for all contingencies

• Increases focus on critical issues - helps leaders develop better focal insight

• Promotes a more effective and profitable operation, leading to desired business results

• Creates the culture you want

If your business is ready to devise a culture change that will help you develop leaders and employee experience, we would love to hear from you.

Our services expand to executive coaching in strategy and leadership development as well as diversity and inclusion training.

We've partnered with InChorus to help you measure and resolve incidents of bias so that you can grow an inclusive organisation.

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