Facilitation, Team & Group Development

It is proven that change occurs through interacting with people in groups, as it fosters greater transparency and trust. This makes it easier for people to work together in the future.

COVID-19 has forced non-essential organisations to close, which means more and more teams are having to work online. This can present new challenges that affect team alignment, morale, communication and motivation.

We work with leadership and their teams to adapt their way of working to a new normal by:

  • Working with executive teams to review, reset, refine strategy and key decisions.
  • Bespoke workshops (either onsite with social distancing or online). Team development for any or all levels of the organisation. Leadership skills development.
  • Virtual retreat for leaders to share the challenges they face and to find solutions through meaningful and enlightening facilitation.
  • Dialogues for all of us. We create safe spaces in which we give people an experience, and then help them make sense, of current issues – this is the root of people learning which leads to behavioural change. Note, we don’t offer ‘education’ and nor do we advocate for the ‘expert’ talking at people.
  • Creative and facilitated dialogues within an organisation creating a safe space which enable people of diverse views to come together to share their experience and be listened to, explore their feelings and get help from others and listen to others’ differing viewpoints, so they emerge with new understanding and meaning.
  • Team training to increase the proficiency and output of dynamic and adaptable teams by strengthening bonds and elevating the importance of the team as well as individual successes.
  • Global speakers including as guest speakers and facilitators at annual conferences in 2021.

For more information regarding these services and how they work, please email us at info@serenityinleadership.com.

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