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We train leaders in the core skills of leading when so much is uncertain
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Leadership can be defined as a set of skills that when practised well create the willingness in others to follow, even when it's into uncertainty or what might be danger. People and society have changed a great deal in the last few years and the skills of leadership that worked well, say 10 years ago, are not those that will work best today. We understand how things have changed and the skills that can best be employed into the future.

When we meet people, they already have pre-existing behavioural patterns. The challenge is to get them to shift from one set of subconsciously-operated patterns and habits to a new more effective set. We help leaders:

  • Cope effectively with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (commonly known as VUCA).
  • Acquire greater resilience and guide them to respond more effectively to adopt new ways of responding.

For people to change, transform and grow into more effective responses to threat and discomfort in general it isn't enough for them to be told what highly effective responses look like. We have to:

  • Change the way they assess a perceived threat,
  • Provide them with new deep response skills to discomfort, and
  • Guide them through an unlearning and relearning process

For us to support your team, we would look at integrating our programme with existing frameworks, goals, values and company objectives. To do this, we would spend time working with you to tailor an impactful virtual programme that works with your business needs and structures. Having said that, there are some themes that most businesses want their leaders to be developing. These may form a five session intervention that typically contains the following:

  • The Power of Purpose - Work gives people the opportunity to fulfil their potential and people are more likely to give more of themselves when they see how their work contributes to a something bigger than themselves. Leaders who are able to not only connect to the purpose but help others see how their work contributes to making a difference are more likely to gain buy-in, particularly when faced with very challenging tasks.
  • Inspiring and Motivating Others - Contrary to popular belief, there isn't just one way to be an "inspirational leader". Drawing on recent research on leadership, we look at the various different qualities that can make someone an inspiration to others. These differences of course are partly subjective - what one person finds inspirational may be different from other people on their teams. However, understanding the different approaches alongside the different motivations of diverse teams can help leaders inspire and motivate others.
  • Driving Inclusion - The way people work has changed dramatically over the last ten years, and most radically in the last 8 months since the arrival of the COVID-19 epidemic. Being able to connect to different points of view, ideas and experiences is crucial if businesses are to meet the needs of both their customers and their workforce. Unless leaders are able to manage the potential differences within their team, or even between themselves and others, they are going to struggle to succeed in a diverse and global work environment.
  • Navigating Change - Any successful leader these days will have to have had to navigate change. Many will have had to manage resistance to change, both in themselves and others. Not only does this programme provide fresh insight and models to encourage them to continue to adapt, it also also gives leaders the chance to integrate their learning and improve their ability to support others through change.
  • Exceptional Execution - We believe that any development programme that a company chooses to invest in must help their leaders improve the execution of their task. We ensure that the understanding, insights and tools covered on any of our programmes are combined with actionable and measurable follow-through. What really matters is what happens after they leave the session and our programmes ensure leaders are best equipped to do so.

One of the benefits of the need to continue development virtually is that we can deliver learning in a way that can be integrated, tested and refined. To make the most of these new learning experiences, our programmes offer participants the chance to continue the learning outside of the classroom. This work will normally include:

  • Personal Reflection
  • Exercises and Activities
  • Peer to Peer Work

We also design retreats for deep immersion into the skills and facets of leadership.

We've partnered with InChorus to help you measure and resolve incidents of bias so that you can grow an inclusive organisation.

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