Adapting to Covid Changes

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The Situation

Different organisations are experiencing a broad spectrum of challenges. Some are full speed ahead in finding ways to adapt well, others are finding themselves stymied at every turn.

Many businesses saw a spike in productivity brought about by the necessity for people to work from home. This appears to be waning, as some have reported employees feeling isolated, stressed and craving a proper workplace with clearer boundaries between home and work. Forty percent of the workforce in the US is now working from home, and burnout has become common in many industries.

For some organisations there has been a dip in creativity because of a lack of physical interaction but there are many good brains looking for opportunities and new ways of working. Investment in technology and the speed of its integration have increased significantly.

Everyone responds differently to stressful situations. Whatever the issues facing each business during Covid-19, the need for swift change whilst living with a lack of security and certainty about what will happen next, has been difficult for many. Now is the time to consider developing a post-Covid culture.

How can we help?

Some of the greatest innovation and strides forward for humanity have been born out of the worst turbulence and uncertainty. Historians have often noted that out of the largest natural disasters, economic crises and the destruction of war, the greatest progress has been spurred. 

We offer a leadership development programme that is designed to allow leaders to stand sure even when faced with uncertainty. How leaders respond to the Covid-19 pandemic is determining everyone in the organisation's future so it has never been more important to adopt the best leadership skills and to be the best leader you can be.

 “To help me thrive in this new complex world, I turned to Thom for his insights and coaching skills. Over a period of time, his strong belief that every challenge is a chance to shine made me realise that change can be a catalyst for success”

Change is always happening, but at Serenity in Leadership we don’t view change as a negative thing. 

With change comes the opportunity to reflect on old systems that may no longer be serving your organisation. Change brings development and the chance to favourably improve your company culture, along with productivity, satisfaction levels, and the bottom line. 

“Before I worked with Serenity in Leadership, change was an approaching challenge. Today, I see it as a dynamic opportunity and I’m now in a stronger position to drive that change.”

Serenity in Leadership are change specialists who work with organisations, whatever their current experience or situation to help them find their optimum strategy and skill sets for the present whilst preparing for the future through our dynamic coaching and facilitation programmes. 

Key Benefits 

  • Fosters resilience in all your employees 
  • Implements pre-emptive measures to avoid burnout and to tackle it where it already exists 
  • A clear roll-out plan is constructed and held to
  • Establishes a powerful set of agreed values
  • Clarity of direction

Looking for more culture solutions? Our culture change consultants have expertise in leadership development and strategy development.

We've partnered with InChorus to help you measure and resolve incidents of bias so that you can grow an inclusive organisation.

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