Our retreats, dialogue sessions and workshops have been developed for organisations, thought leaders and influencers. They enable you to create a conscious and inspiring culture, whilst becoming aware of relationships and dynamics between men and women.


These sessions about the effects of current events and their possible meaning and impact are open to everyone to join in a facilitated dialogue. By voicing and hearing different perspectives, and connecting with others and ourselves, we gain a greater understanding and awareness of the role each one of us has in creating a more honest, authentic and balanced work environment for all.


This consultancy-based, in-house corporate programme is for businesses and organisations that wish to do internal work around the expression of power with their managerial board or departmental teams. The course content is tailored around their specific leadership structure, the culture and internal dynamics.

The GPS Retreat

Gender, Power & Sexual Energy – This is an open 3-day retreat aimed at giving men and women an increased level of self-awareness in fast changing environment, to understand the basic concept of masculine and feminine in us all, and how we relate to and communicate with our colleagues.