Serenity in Leadership is a disruptive change consultancy. We are passionate about enabling people to redefine themselves in the context of an ever-increasingly complex world. Through our work we show people ways to make more conscious choices, exploring meaning, energy and expression, and how to face complex challenges with serenity.

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Disruption is challenging industries that have had stability for decades at a time when significant societal changes are being driven by such forces as disaffection, fast-paced advances in technology and escalating resource scarcity. These changes are causing the balance of power to shift throughout the world.

In addition, today’s debates around gender, abuse and inequality are releasing all sorts of energies, not least anger and confusion. Executives in every industry are being forced to get to grips with the effects of the expression, as well as the abuse, of power in the modern workplace.

Serenity in Leadership creates spaces for honest and thought-provoking dialogue sessions, we facilitate  transformational in-house workshops, and we host radical and challenging retreats.

We believe, that by actively empowering men and women to engage with their full being, organisations and business leaders will create conscious company cultures where harmony, connectedness and highly beneficial flow states begin to emerge.

Welcome to Serenity in Leadership, where you get to explore yourself and your business on a deeper level in order to find clarity and create a better future.

Take yourself to your edge, lean in and let it expand you, and see how your life changes in the most amazing way.
Don’t stop before the miracle happens…