The Goddess and Gladiator Unite

Spring 2018

An experiential 5-day retreat for business leaders, entrepreneurs, role-models and thought leaders in positions of power and influence.

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Limited to 18 spaces

Take yourself to your edge, lean in and let it expand you, and see how your life changes in the most amazing way.
Don’t stop before the miracle happens…
What if you could find inner balance…

It’s almost impossible to acknowledge or express our Masculine & Feminine qualities without being made wrong – how incredible would it be if we could change that?

By cultivating and harmonising your sexual energy, you can become a better leader. Wouldn’t you like to know how?

What if knowing how to do this could considerably increase your sense of being and satisfaction in business and in life overall?

For a moment, can you imagine finding the true you?

Do you feel that you don’t recognize the person you have become at work? That you are more and more removed from your real self, have lost your passion or you question what drives you?

Fear doesn’t have to run organizations. Do you aspire to lead in a better way?

Life is so much more rewarding when we live from a place of integration and wholeness.

The deeper you dive, the clearer you thrive…


Serenity in Leadership (SiL) has been created in the context of the changes that are now taking place in the world, which are challenging leaders in ways rarely experienced in history.

At the same time shifts in the balance of power throughout the world are happening, driven for instance by the falling price of oil, societal disaffection, technology innovations and escalating resource scarcity.

We are in a perfect storm!

It is the leaders who relinquish old patterns and begin consciously to engage with the world in a new way, who will be most successful and positively lead us into the future.