Group Coaching Programme: Coaching for the Future

An exciting opportunity for leaders

Are you worried that you're not your best advocate at work? Is it tough to give honest feedback? Do you wish you had someone who could whisper in your ear how to handle difficult situations?

To gain the skills to advance to the next level of management, we are delighted to introduce you to our subsidised group coaching programme for aspiring leaders.

Join other ambitious and enterprising torch-bearers who realise there are new and exciting skills needed for the future. Over the course of 10 one-hour weekly sessions, we will explore all the aspects that will equip you to advance and excel in your career.

CEO Thom Dennis coaching a group of leadership executives

'Thom put me entirely at ease. He was personable, open and thoroughly humble despite his experience and many achievements. I enjoyed working with Thom so much I have recommended him to colleagues.'

- Ruth Gillett, Headteacher

The Power of Leadership Coaching

Many organisations don't equip managers with the training and tools they need to thrive in their positions. This leads to unnecessary stress and frustration for managers, as they struggle to navigate their roles and meet expectations.

Our online programme will encourage you to take charge of your career and leadership growth.

Gain the skills to climb to senior management

Navigate through leadership with newfound clarity and strong self-awareness.

Confidently navigate corporate challenges

Uncover your full potential to make quicker and more effective decisions.

Establish effective communication strategies

Convey your thoughts and ideas, resolve conflicts and collaborate with others in a way that fosters mutual respect and understanding.

How the Programme Works

The coaching programme is separated into three different modules:

Leading People

Understanding human behaviour and developing models & mindsets for innovation.

Leading Organisations

Creating systems and building a culture where excellence thrives and scales.

Leading Change

Addressing market and beyond-market forces strategically for competitive advantage.

Each week, you will be invited to explore a different area within these modules:

Week 1: Mastering Self-Leadership mindsets, mindfulness, purpose, presence, ego

Week 2: Adaptability and Resiliencebelonging, empathy, discipline, visualisation, humility, wellbeing

Week 3: Effective Communicationcoaching, listening, feedback, reporting systems, public speaking

Week 4: Strategic Visionmission, values, culture, ethics, risks, inevitable surprises, workforce of the future

Week 5: Understanding Othersdiversity, equity and inclusion, male & female cycles, psychological safety, stakeholder management

Week 6: Team Dynamics — building and maintaining teams, meetings, hybrid working, delegating, group dynamics

Week 7:
Leadership in the Digital Age — evolving workforce dynamics, social media influence, the skills required

Week 8: Thriving Amid Change —  the change model, establishing a consistent 'battle rhythm', how to be courageous

Week 9: Empathy and Innovation — valuing vulnerability and transparency, strategies for continuous growth, expanding capabilities

Week 10: Self & Peer Assessment — self and peer assessment, instructor assessment of each programme review

Affordable Investment

Thanks to the generosity of the Foundation subsidising this venture, we can offer an amazing opportunity to learn and be coached. Apply for the £3,000 programme and pay only £300.

Participants will also be eligible for 1:1 sessions with Thom Dennis at a highly subsidised rate.

Due to today's rapidly changing business landscape, leaders must invest in training to stay competitive and adapt to evolving challenges. This includes AI, hybrid work and the increasing demands being placed upon workplace culture.

Unless you acquire new skills and strategies, you risk becoming stagnant and falling behind. You may find promotions more difficult to navigate and could struggle to meet the changing demands of your industry.

In just ten weeks, we can identify the core developmental areas to stop this from happening.

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'Thom has a great listening style and the ability to help you deconstruct the issues you may be facing, and guides you to possible solution pathways. I know my line manager saw a immediate change in my interactions with my peers and leaders, and using his own words — I became more comfortable in my skin.'

Professor in Pharmaceutical Innovation,
Roche Pharmaceuticals Ltd

CEO Thom Dennis

Thom is an executive coach, change agent, international speaker, facilitator and consultant. With three decades' experience, he leads all our group coaching programmes.
Credentials: MSc in Change Agent Skills & Strategies, Certified Facilitator accredited by the CQ Center, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Member of the International Association of Facilitators.
Experience: Hired by global corporations including Shell, BP, Transocean, Royal Bank of Scotland, Conoco Phillips. Thom has coached multiple FTSE 500 and Fortune 500 executives and has worked in the MoD as a personnel manager of 7,000.
Expertise: Featured on BBC TV news and radio and in over 320 articles in industry-leading publications.
'Thom helped me develop the know-how and courage to take more innovative and flexible approach to the business. Before I worked with him, change was an approaching challenge. Today, I see it as a dynamic opportunity and I'm now in a stronger position to drive that change.'

Partner — Investment Management Firm

Ready to Elevate Your Leadership?

Impress your organisation and gain the skills to lead and inspire others. This coaching programme is designed to provide you with tools and strategies to excel in your role.

In the comfort of your own home, participate in live, weekly coaching sessions held with a limited number of people. This ensures Thom can give everyone the attention and guidance they need. The generosity of the Foundation means you pay just £300 for ten weeks.

The recordings of each session will be sent to you so you can review the material and refer back to it whenever needed. Our next coaching programme begins Wednesday 10th July at 7:00pm (GMT), followed by class every Wednesday at 7:00pm thereafter.

To find out more, please enter your details below and we will contact you shortly. Alternatively, call (44) 7836 667 726 or click here to pay securely and book your slot.

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