About us

Serenity in Leadership has been transforming organisational cultures for the last 26 years.

We believe in a future where employees and employers reflect on and take responsibility for the impact of their decisions on others.

Our love for people and positive transformation has led us to support the role of inclusion, diversity, equity and gender-balance in the workplace. As a result, all our solutions take into account these factors to ensure you reap the considerable rewards of a more enlightened organisation.

Meet the team

Thom Dennis


Thom is a facilitator, speaker, consultant, change agent and educator. For the last 29 years, he has led companies dedicated to coaching executives and teams through personal and organisational change, defining strategy, working through M&As and improving communication.

With Serenity in Leadership, Thom is focusing his depth and breadth of experience to help organisations move into the 20s and all the changes that are developing. He is intent on resolving issues of inclusion to help people whoever they are, whatever background they have come from, shine and thrive, and their organisations with them.

He is highly sensitive to the dynamics and overall culture which define an organisation, and works to strengthen business performance whilst securing positive change.

Jessica Ball

Lead Facilitator

Jessica works with creative facilitation processes, emotional sustainability theory, and communication skills to unlock new thinking and harness collective intelligence by allowing people to hear, explore and learn from different perspectives. This approach leads to improved relationships, greater collaboration and the freedom for creative thinking.

Jessica is passionate about creating meaning, connection and action from a foundation of shared values. At Serenity, her work is vital to create the inclusive spaces necessary for the experiences of employees to be safely shared and heard.

Edward Nelson

Associate Facilitator

Trained in Law and Acting, Edward spent the first part of his career serving highly diverse communities in the charity sector (Greenpeace, WWF & several Mediation Services) creating processes to bring people together and training them in conflict resolution.

He has an MSc in Conflict Resolution from Birkbeck and has spoken at forums on Diversity, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias. He has worked with the Met Police and the IPCC and recently partnered with the BMA on a number of projects including strategy creation and inclusion practices. Most of his work is with teams and senior leaders in a number of FTSE and other global businesses.

He is a key member of the Serenity in Leadership D&I team.

Joanne Lockwood

Associate Facilitator

Joanne is the First Openly Transgender Past National President of the 90 year old “Men’s Club”, The Round Table.

She has a truly broad set of life experiences and is passionate about promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. She has inspired many others with her journey, her reinvention and her recent weight loss, using the mantra “Smile, Engage and Educate”. Today she delivers keynote speeches, seminars and workshops to promote Transgender awareness and inclusion, breaking down misunderstandings and the fear of getting it wrong.

At Serenity in Leadership we deeply appreciate her wise contributions to our work.

Jim Peal

Associate Facilitator

Jim’s areas of expertise includes the development of leaders, their teams and diversity and inclusion.  His reputation as a powerful natural master communicator who is dynamic, multi-talented, fun and inspiring is the trademark of his 20+ year career. As an author of multiple books and TEDx presenter, Jim expresses the depth of his understanding of human beings and systems in an elegant practical speaking and teaching style that enlightens and promotes long lasting changes.

Ishreen Bradley

Associate Facilitator

Ishreen is a thought leader who guides professional leaders to navigate complex situations with clarity and confidence. Her focus is to cultivate mindsets and cultures that nurture a sense of belonging through authentic leadership.

She inspires global C-Suite and senior leaders to cultivate environments that embrace diverse talent by encouraging inclusion and belonging in their Culture Transformation Programmes. Drawing on her 30+ years of leading transformational projects around the world, Ishreen impacts leaders so they can create and implement inspirational transformational strategies, that engage their teams – resulting in increased psychological safety, connection and value.

Ishreen also provides thought-provoking talks, individual coaching and team facilitation as well as networking opportunities that facilitate her clients’ progress.

Yewande Faloyin

Executive Coach

Yewande is a leadership coach, consultant & speaker who specialises in helping organisations & business leaders accelerate to their next level of success. Prior to founding her own company, she worked at McKinsey advising and coaching C-Suite clients at FTSE100 companies on critical management & organisational challenges. Yewande does not believe leadership comes in any one form, but that what makes a leader exceptional lies in their uniqueness.

G Turawa

Associate Facilitator

Gamal, or G as he prefers to be called, is a highly skilled and internationally acclaimed Gestalt facilitator and public speaker on Diversity and Inclusion. He has been regularly interviewed on the BBC, ITV and other national media about the human side of diversity.

He works with the emotional energy of groups and individuals and is an experienced diversity/personal leadership coach. He has delivered workshops and keynotes in many countries from the US, UK, Africa and the Middle East.  

For 26 years he was a serving police officer in the Metropolitan Police and was on the frontline for delivery of workshops to the police following the tragic murder of Stephen Lawrence and was a lecturer on the Home Office Turvey project on Diversity and Inclusion.

Tom Hatton

Senior Associate Consultant

Tom Hatton is a pioneer in human and organisational development. He is committed to creating a better, more compassionate world by promoting sustainable business models that prioritise opportunities for quality interactions.

He takes a leading role in our Executive Coaching service and brings his decades of experience within team interaction design to the focus groups, facilitated dialogues and employee surveys we provide at Serenity in Leadership. Tom currently heads the Newfield Network’s Coach Training Faculty and holds qualifications in Management, Coaching and Business Development & Innovation.

Raggi Kotak

Racial Justice Facilitator

Raggi is a south Asian queer woman living in London. She is a human rights barrister, who has worked with asylum seekers for twenty years. She has a long history of anti-oppression work and has been involved in the setup and running of numerous ground-breaking and award winning projects.

Raggi is the founder and main facilitator of an active online discussion forum called Race Talk, which aims to bring different racial groups together to find ways through their racial conditioning and trauma. She is also a facilitator for the Racial Justice Collaborative, an international project challenging racism through dialogue. Raggi’s work is informed by psychology, trauma awareness and movement work, in which she has extensively trained and for Serenity in Leadership she brings her experience into the diversity & inclusion arena through programmes specifically aimed at racial justice.

Loren Shapiro

Head of Creative Content

Loren’s mission is to connect organisations to their ideal audience by determining their communication needs and developing a compelling story for their marketplace.

Using her background in Organisational Psychology, she works to help organisations identify how their thinking, behaviour and environment interact with one another. Loren has extended her passion for storytelling alongside TEDxCapeTown, where she currently Leads the Operations Team.

‍Roxy Finlayson

Head of People

Roxy spent a decade working in the music industry within Artist Management, building the careers of high profile clients both nationally and internationally.

She joined the Serenity in Leadership team to help establish and build the careers of all those involved. A keen advocate of personal development, Roxy is also a facilitator for the Hoffman Process.

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