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Organisations thrive when people thrive.

Out of nearly 30 years in leadership research and consultancy, we guide corporations to respond meaningfully to the calls to action captured within the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, whilst improving overall company performance. We focus on specific symptoms of cultural friction – high levels of employee churn, pay disparities, allegations of harassment and employee dissatisfaction metrics, for example – and assess how such internal issues may manifest internally and externally to an organisation and negatively impact its overall commercial success.

Meet the team

Thom Dennis


Thom is a facilitator, speaker, consultant, change agent and educator. For the last 28 years, he has led companies dedicated to coaching executives and teams through personal and organisational change, defining strategy, working through M&As and improving communication.

With Serenity in Leadership, Thom is focusing his depth and breadth of experience to resolve issues of inclusion, gender and diversity. He is highly sensitive to the dynamics and overall culture which define an organisation, and works to strengthen business performance whilst securing positive change.

Meredith Leston

Principal Consultant

Meredith has worked with a variety of platforms to exact social change, including the UN, political parties, news outlets and, now, within consultancy.

Throughout this experience, she found leveraging business priorities to be the most successful in creating social change at speed and scale. By calculating the hidden costs associated with regressive working policies and the ROI possible from tackling cultural issues within a firm, Meredith has had great success in influencing corporate strategy on mental health, sexual harassment and the protection of potentially vulnerable customers.

Jessica Ball

Lead Facilitator

Jessica works with creative facilitation processes, emotional sustainability theory, and communication skills to unlock new thinking and harness collective intelligence by allowing people to hear, explore and learn from different perspectives. This approach leads to improved relationships, greater collaboration and the freedom for creative thinking.

Jessica is passionate about creating meaning, connection and action from a foundation of shared values. At Serenity, her work is vital to create the inclusive spaces necessary for the experiences of employees to be safely shared and heard.

Loren Shapiro

Head of Creative Content

Loren’s mission is to connect organisations to their ideal audience by determining their communication needs and developing a compelling story for their marketplace.

Using her background in Organisational Psychology, she works to help organisations identify how their thinking, behaviour and environment interact with one another. Loren has extended her passion for storytelling alongside TEDxCapeTown, where she currently Leads the Operations Team.

Tom Hatton

Senior Associate Consultant

Tom Hatton is a pioneer in human and organisational development. He is committed to creating a better, more compassionate world by promoting sustainable business models that prioritise opportunities for quality interactions.

He takes a leading role in our Executive Coaching service and brings his decades of experience within team interaction design to the focus groups, facilitated dialogues and employee surveys we provide at Serenity in Leadership. Tom currently heads the Newfield Network’s Coach Training Faculty and holds qualifications in Management, Coaching and Business Development & Innovation.

‍Roxy Finlayson

Head of People

Roxy spent a decade working in the music industry within Artist Management, building the careers of high profile clients both nationally and internationally.

She joined the Serenity in Leadership team to help establish and build the careers of all those involved. A keen advocate of personal development, Roxy is also a facilitator-in-training for the Hoffman Process.

We designed our team to be capable of addressing more than just the business cost of cultural issues within your firm - our inclusion of occupational psychology, dialogue facilitation and motivational coaching demonstrates our commitment to helping you to tackle the human cost too.

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