The current challenges we face are real opportunities for powerful change for the better.

Businesses have never needed inspiring, compassionate and responsible leaders more than today
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Businesses thrive when people thrive

And people thrive when they feel included
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The power and potential of we should never be underestimated

We can help you get the very best from all your people during this extremely challenging and uncertain time
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Successful CEOs, influencers & leaders work at a systemic level for real change beyond the tick-box

Change initiatives call for dedicated involvement & investment
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Responsible, resilient workplaces are created by embracing inclusion, diversity and equality

Any change programme must be grounded in Inclusion as a key element - this is our core expertise
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Serenity in Leadership are premier conflict resolution, culture integration and change specialists who help businesses overcome challenges and achieve successful, lasting outcomes, whilst putting their people at the heart of the business.

Our Mission is to create harmonious, productive and equal workplaces where leaders and their teams live and breathe the shared values of the business, with diversity and inclusion actively embedded at every level.

CEO Thom Dennis is an accomplished facilitator, inspirational leadership coach and professional speaker.

Who we are

During times of change, businesses want  successfully to transform, grow, improve and achieve, but it's not easy if there are processes, systems or people who block it.  

We have extensive experience in helping businesses overcome challenges associated with change, from large corporates and international institutions to entrepreneurial SMEs.

We believe passionately in inclusion, equity and diversity and these are often at the heart of what we do.

We help build responsible, thriving workplaces that deal with systemic problems such as inequality, harassment, bullying and the misuse of power.

We act as mediators to resolve conflict, and facilitators to enable leaders to manage uncertainty and poor power dynamics, replacing them with resilience and loyalty which keeps teams together and talent in-house.

Change is always happening whether you like it or not, but there is nearly always an opportunity to develop and favourably improve the culture of an organisation, along with productivity, satisfaction levels, and the bottom line.  

What we offer in a world dealing with COVID-19

Our support for organisations consists of having a flexible plan that prepares for today whilst also being ready for whatever tomorrow brings in the world and workplace which are in constant flux.

We create safe spaces and hold them whilst enabling individuals to address questions which may appear difficult, challenging or both in such an uncertain environment.

When you have a pain in your back, it is often only properly addressed once you've examined the whole body system. Often the actual problem may actually be somewhere else, for instance in your knee, and in compensating for that, greater pressure comes on your back and causes pain. In cases like this, however you treat your back, it will not heal and come back to normal functioning.

The same analogy applies to organisations. So often what we are called in to solve is only the presenting problem, not the root. Our principle is always to seek the root - it may take a little longer but in the long run it's a far cheaper and more effective solution.

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Over the past 26 years, we’ve worked with executives in Fortune and FTSE 500 companies such as Pfizer, Citigroup and Transocean to help them build responsible workplaces.
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