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Culture change consultants providing Executive Coaching, Keynotes, Team & Leadership Development and Meeting Facilitation

Our clients include Fortune and FTSE 500 company executives and global corporations.

Ready to receive that promotion, improve your skills and lead with more confidence? Join our transformative online group coaching programme for leaders. "Coaching for the Future" is a 10-step masterclass for leaders who want to reach their potential and develop critical leadership skills. By joining, you'll receive:

10 Hours of expert coaching

CEO Thom Dennis shares the strategies, insights and tools he has used to help leaders in companies like AstraZeneca, RBS, Shell and BP.

resources & self-assessment tools

Receive real-time feedback and a curated selection of resources to further your learning.

A safe space to connect and explore

Network with a close community of like-minded leaders. Together, you will grow, learn, explore and collaborate.

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Your company culture is made up of beliefs, values, behaviours, attitudes and assumptions that come together as a mutually reinforcing system. In some cases, the system may change for the worse, resulting in the development of negative behaviours and outcomes. We work with you to uncover the causes of poor organisational culture.

Our team of specialists will guide you toward a happier and more engaging leadership and employee environment
through executive coaching, leadership team training, facilitation, or culture rejuvenation.
A leader presenting a facilitation meeting, aiming to teach leaders how to create a psychologically safe environment


Bring your team together with a certified facilitator to reach a common objective.

CEO and culture change consultant, Thom Dennis, presenting a speech

Keynote Speaking

Our CEO, Thom Dennis, is an international speaker and an Amazon #1 author.

A facilitation meeting taking place at work

Executive Coaching

Leadership coaching on a 1:1 basis. We tailor our sessions to suit your circumstances.

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Our Approach

For over 30 years, we have helped global organisations and small businesses thrive and develop by navigating cultural issues.

To develop high-performing cultures, we collaborate with sought-after coaches, trainers and facilitators to create a customised strategy that works around your schedule.

We are committed to psychological safety, inclusion and putting people at the heart of business. Our decades of success prove that a people-centric ethos is integral to organisational performance.

  • Diagnosis
    We use research and analysis to uncover the cultural issues affecting your workplace environment.

  • Accelerate Performance
    Our consultants and facilitators will create a bespoke plan to boost performance, engagement and employee satisfaction.

  • Long-term Transformation
    Because we find the root cause of a cultural issue, your organisation will benefit from continual growth and development.

Case Study

Global Bank

Restoring personal confidence for one managing director after the trauma of 9/11.
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Leadership for the Future: Group Coaching for Aspiring Leaders
July 23, 2024
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