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Culture change consultants and leadership development specialists.

Cultural Intelligence

CQ is increasingly important as businesses harness the benefits of global work through technological and communication advances. We will work with you to create innovative, research-based solutions for assessing and improving intercultural effectiveness.

Executive Leadership Coaching

We work through issues and challenges on a one-to-one basis to help senior executives put their best ideas forward, collaborate successfully and look after their teams. We adapt our style and approach to suit each individual’s or team’s needs.

Leadership Training

We train people to lead in uncertainty, to convert anxiety into energy, and to recognise what the glue that joins us together is. Whilst the old models of leadership lack flexibility and require absolute adherence; tomorrow’s leaders will know themselves and operate from a place of understanding and compassion to get the best of themselves and those around them.

Strategic Consulting

We help create a high-performing culture built on sustainable results and authentic interactions. Be it a general company change, a deep-rooted work culture issue, leadership problems or imbalances in the workplace, we get to the root and help you change from that depth.
We’ve worked with Fortune and FTSE 500 company executives

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