Serenity in Leadership is running a series of online Facilitated Dialogues. We understand that the world is in a state of flux. As confused as we are about the future, we feel it is crucial we continue to fulfil our mission and build responsible leadership and inclusive organisations. We have much we can learn from each other when it comes to preparing the way forward.

Diversity & Inclusion: The Inclusive Culture

Thursday, October 1, 2020
9:00 am
12:00 pm
On Zoom
An opportunity for those with a keen interest in today's D&I world to join together and share ideas and challenges

Serenity in Leadership looks at ways we can open ourselves up to face uncertainty, discomfort and pain in new ways. From carving out space to express our deepest thoughts to welcoming new perspectives into our worlds, the session is about letting go of what we know and allowing ourselves the opportunity to learn from others.

Come and connect with fellow professionals and curious minds in an interactive space, that allows each participant to actively listen and learn from peers with valuable D&I experience. This will be in the context of uncertainty and the way forward for organisations considering the current economic and social consequences the pandemic is having on businesses.

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