The Power of Polarity - Uncovering Healthy Ways to work with Conflict

Guest speaker:

Edward Nelson

Event date:
Thursday, July 15, 2021

Whether it be masks, politics or climate change, the world seems to be taking on greater and greater polarisation: "if you agree with me, you’re my friend and if you don’t then I don’t want to speak with you: you’re my enemy."

In this session, Edward Nelson presents three different lenses on conflict that can help us embrace polarity and looks at how we can work with it to cultivate healthy change: Positional, Personal and Process. He also draws parallels with symbols such as the Yin & Yang to understand how things sometimes need to be viewed from different and even opposite perspectives.

Edward draws on his work as a mediator, process worker and facilitator to draw out patterns that can be identified in conflict to help people embrace difference and generate understanding, even amidst difficult conversations.

His aim is to help people gain a greater understanding of some of the challenges they face and offers some practical ways in which to defuse tension.

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