Inclusion Through Language - Why it Matters

Guest speaker:

Joanne Lockwood

Event date:
Thursday, June 17, 2021

You will have seen and heard of many instances in which people have become embroiled due to a poor choice of words or where actions were inappropriate. Often mistakes are made by well-intentioned leaders who are simply clumsy, but this is where we should realise that intent only goes so far.

Language is where we need to focus our attention and think about how words land. The reality is that despite the best intention, our words can result in hurt, people feeling disrespected or marginalised as a result.

In her talk, Joanne - founder and CEO of SEE Change Happen, an Diversity & Inclusion practice with a specialism in providing Transgender Awareness, will speak about why (and how) we need to be accountable for our language, our impact, and to stop hiding behind our well-meaning intent.

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