Serenity in Leadership was created to research and address the lack of diversity in corporate leadership today. The male, stale and pale paradigm continues to deliver sub-optimal commercial results as disruptors- doing more to respect and serve diversity in consumers and employees alike - dominate every market. The market-leaders of today are those best at attracting, inspiring and promoting talent, not those exploiting them.

As our ability to access and share information accelerates, it is more important than ever to ensure progress is inclusive and does not simply enshrine inequality in new platforms. As such, we have collated news items, reports – including our own - and scientific papers that we believe showcase the positive potential of change and the need to stay vigilant against widening inequality in the corporate world.
We at Serenity in Leadership would like to apply this same level of insight to the goings on in your firm. Our extensive tenure in leadership and cultural research qualifies us to get to the root of friction within your organisation.

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