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- The 10 key traits that set mindful leaders apart and allow them to grow in their roles and support others.

- How to empower your team and foster a culture of growth and collaboration and avoid misunderstanding.

- Strategies for making intuitive, heart-centred decisions in the face of complexity instead of muddling through in confusion and fostering stagnancy.

- The importance of vulnerability, accountability, and emotional intelligence in leadership rather than distance and resentment.
Through Serenity in Leadership, I've helped countless global leaders evolve their leadership approach and unlock their full potential. I have coached and trained leaders across industries, from banking and pharmaceuticals to luxury goods and oil and gas.
Here's what one client recently said:
'Thom is an excellent coach: he's a good listener, very empathic and a deep thinker. I feel these sessions have brought to light some deep and not always helpful patterns within myself and helped me become much more accepting of myself. I'm certainly a better person as a result.'

- Andrew Morris

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