We support responsible workplaces using a co-creation methodology. We believe that when we work together with employees, leadership and external stakeholders in a non-judgemental way, we can achieve lasting results.

When you choose to build a responsible workplace, you are choosing to invest in systemic and therefore, sustainable change.

Dealing with Stress at Home

Everyone responds differently to stressful situations.

How you respond to the COVID-19 pandemic can depend on many things, such as your background, your community, your home environment and your personality.

We are working with marriage counsellor, to help those at home greatly affected by forced isolation due to COVID-19.

For more information regarding these services and how they work, please email us at

Keeping Teams Together

COVID-19 has forced non-essential organisations to close, which means more and more teams are having to work online.

This can present new challenges that affect team alignment, morale, communication and motivation.

We work with leadership and their teams to adapt their way of working to a new normal by:

  • Facilitating individual strengths to create a dynamic team or group
  • Increasing the effectiveness of online meetings
  • Enabling executives from different levels of seniority, cultures and backgrounds to work effectively as a powerful unit online
  • Improving trust and understanding between members of a team or group

For more information regarding these services and how they work, please email us at

Diversity & Inclusion in a Post COVID-19 World

The COVID19 pandemic has reinforced that whilst so much choice has been taken away from us, whom we interact with is one choice that remains powerfully ours, and we are seeing the effects of this on businesses and society as a whole.

Creating a diverse and inclusive world post COVID-19 is now more important than ever.

We work with leaders and organisations to prepare for a world post COVID19 , when we reintegrate ourselves back into a new and strange society.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • How can we address and articulate systematic changes to have the biggest impact?
  • How do we minimise the effect of intersectionality, power and privilege?
  • How do we create a culture that values truth telling without fear of retribution and vulnerability?
  • How can we create a culture of awareness when it comes to understanding the new world we are living in and how we are contributing to it?

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Online Coaching

With millions of people working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to take our executive coaching services online. Although we may be distancing ourselves to protect others, we can and must stay connected to our core mission as responsible leaders. This means ensuring you have the best toolkit at your disposal to support yourself as you lead your organisations into an uncertain future.

For more information regarding these services and how they work, please email us at

Culture Development

What results do you want your organisation to achieve?

We work with you to change mindsets, decisions, and behaviours to open you up to greater organisational success.

We can help you:

  • Design a culture to attract and retain a more diverse workforce 
  • Uncover power dynamics and enablers of your current culture to help turn around an under-performing team or division 
  • Improve your communication, management & leadership skills 
  • Assess, measure and resolve incidents of bias or harassment 
  • Understand how feminine and masculine qualities can be better-used in the workplace

Facilitation, Team & Group Development

It is proven that change occurs through interacting with people in groups, as it fosters greater transparency and trust, making it easier for people to work together in the future.

We can help you:

  • Build dynamic teams or groups by identifying individual strengths 
  • Significantly increase the effectiveness of senior level meetings, saving you time and money
  • Increase the effectiveness of your executive team 
  • Improve psychological trust and understanding between individuals and teams
  • Facilitate and guide effective conflict resolution

Executive Coaching

We live in a time when whole industries, economies and political landscapes are becoming more and more volatile and uncertain. It’s the businesses with leaders who understand themselves - their flaws and strengths - who will adapt more easily.

We can help you:

  • Improve performance and focus to increase productivity 
  • Learn what it means to lead from a place of personal, responsible power and how this can impact ROI
  • Create structured opportunities for busy executives to reflect, learn and then implement 
  • Promote a long-term plan of business challenges and goals outside of the day-to-day business 
  • Increase self-awareness of leadership behaviours, emotions and biases

We've partnered with InChorus to help you measure and resolve incidents of bias so that you can grow an inclusive organisation.

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