Unlike traditional management consultancy firms, Serenity in Leadership addresses specific symptoms of cultural friction – high levels of employee churn, pay disparities and employee dissatisfaction metrics, for example – and assesses how such internal issues may manifest internally and externally to the organisation and negatively impact overall commercial performance. Our boutique nature ensures our investigations remain time- and cost-effective; we are guided by agile learning principles and employee perspectives, never frameworks.

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Culture Change Consultancy

Cultural issues within a firm require sensitive investigation and response. Serenity in Leadership is uniquely qualified in this: we approach symptoms of cultural friction like any other business problem. Employee dissatisfaction, or even resentment, can so easily be mapped to elevated churn rates, reduced individual or team output and - if your reputation precedes you - even greater difficulty filling job vacancies.

Our cases are broken down into three distinct phases: research, recommend and resolve. We combine traditional management consultancy methods with anonymised reporting technology and Bohmian methods of facilitated dialogue to create the data-driven recommendations you can rely on. Finally, out of our commitment to our clients and its people, we remain on a case to oversee the implementation and refinement of all our suggestions.

Facilitation, Team & Group Development

Hiring talented people is one thing; turning them into a talented team is something else. We use a wide range of innovative facilitation techniques to build on individual strengths and personalities to create a dynamic team.  

A strong senior management team is the driving force of a good business. Making sure your senior executives can work together effectively and creatively to deliver the best results is the goal of facilitation. Whatever the reason for bringing together your senior decision-makers, from board meeting to directors’ away day, our experts will ensure your whole company gains as much as possible from the experience.

That being said, a company’s attention on their staff’s personal and professional development should not begin at senior management level. To ensure everyone in your company can realise their potential at every stage of their career, we work with individuals, teams and whole departments to develop the skills they need, from engaging with people they are responsible for to negotiating major contracts. To do this, we design customized programs to improve the way people communicate, manage and lead across your entire business.

Executive Coaching

To help CEOs and other senior executives continue to perform at their best, we work through issues and challenges on a one-to-one basis to enable them to find their own way forward. We adapt our style and approach to suit the executive’s own personality and goals, and the specific day-to-day business decisions they face.

At Serenity in Leadership, we practice what we preach: we tackle issues of diversity and inclusion through our diverse and inclusive approach. Our case team represents a range of specialisms and life experiences whilst our interventions provide every level of an organisation with opportunities to take ownership over culture change.

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